Darassa Vs Nasty C Faceoff

Ngoma Tv is bringing back the head to head and once again we ask you to help us decide who gets to be on the Fan Friday playlist. This week we have Darassa and Nasty C. The two have just waltzed into the limelight though some may say that they have been arguably famous in their spheres of influence, however small or local. They are both causing some major ripples across Africa while giving the rest of the established rappers before them a run for their money.

There is something about Nasty C that I can’t really place but his lyrical prowess is one to envy and despite him being only 19, he is a force to reckon with. He might just be the coolest kid in Africa after all.  His productions are well mastered and balanced and you can hear it in the beats that a lot of thought was put in marrying the recording, through the production and post-production. He is clearly going places and with the speed he is coming with, he might overtake some of his older counterparts.

Darassa has been around for a while, however only hit in Tanzania mostly until recently when his collabo with Ben Pol hit the international airwaves. It was then that most fans actually realised besides Muziki, there are lessons to learn and a moral compass with a new true north in every bar. He went ahead to tell off Diamond in Muziki and call out people who speak too much and do nothing in Too Much. His rap is conscious and he is clearly drawing blood and going for the jugular with every punch line.

If you can’t choose between the two listen in and tell us who you would choose between the two. We have compiled samples of some of their best for you here! This is a typical battle between class and swag. See what I did there? *wink. Vote away!

Darassa Vs Nasty C Faceoff

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