Wizkid and Drake should now just become a duo act and call it a day! The music is amazing but when will we see these two song masters together? Like seriously! We love their music but we want some PDA from them! Or am I the only one that is noticing the fact that we have to photoshop them together all the time to get a clear picture of the blend of voices behind their various tracks? Anyway, I digress.

On the brighter side, we can all agree that ‘Come Closer’ is an amazing club banger that has already become a frequent DJ request with less than a month of airplay! The video is out and the tempo and setting are just right for that Friday tune that just makes one want to get loose!

The song features a number of appropriate choreography for the dancehall-infused cut that most girls out there are already rehearsing in front of mirrors before they make their debuts on the dancefloors. While Drake’s vocals are included, the Toronto artist does not make an appearance which is a bit disappointing but we will survive.

Drake and Wizkid came together back in February to release collaborative track “Hush Up the Silence” on OVO Sound Radio. While the track didn’t appear on the former’s “playlist” project More Life, the track has now surfaced under a different name in “Come Closer.”

The visuals are amazing! The models showcase their African beauty wearing wonderful African pieces with some facial paint that reflect Wizkid’s Nigerian heritage. The motion graphics that seem to be the in-thing for like all musicians right now sync in effortlessly as the song builds up. The superstar promised his fans on Twitter that there will be a greater release after this done by Diplo himself to heat up the summer feeling in all of us. If Drake is a part of that project, we urge him to come closer to Wizkid this time round, don’t you think?


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