What I Love About You – Short Film Review.

Tufilamu Pictures released a short romance film and we reviewed and concluded it was amazing. The 7-minute long short film entitled “What I Love about You” was a great way for the actors to showcase their talents. Plus also noting the organisations who went into producing it.

As the film starts it portrays a setting of found footage home video adaptation but as it progresses, it evolves to explore the familiar aspects of movie photography. The production was top notch. They used the resources they had in ways to make the story seem viable and something that would make you admire such a particular life. It’s a simple story of the human feeling that is love and being in committed relationships.

The movie plot, reveals how Nick and Zara, two individuals who were set up by their mutual friend on a journey that would see them go through a profound dating experience that would suggestively end with both being happy. Within that 7 minute period of the film footage. We learn a lot about the characters involved in the filming process. You can check out the film and your thoughts with us.

What I Love About You – Short Film Review.

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