Animation in Africa is growing. Ethiopian girls are beautiful, no doubt. So imagine a cartoon that features all their beauty and exhibits their superpowers at once. Pretty cool, huh? Well, this is a concept that has been pitched and we at Ngoma TV couldn’t be more excited about it!

The ‘Tibeb Girls’ project is a Powerpuff Girl-inspired Ethiopian adventure series, with a serious heart for social justice, that’s geared towards teaching adolescent about activism and leadership.Seeing that not all Ethiopians understand or speak English, the show is set to be in Amharic so as to reach their target audience effortlessly. The team also plans on adapting the storylines to radio and comic books so as to enhance the reach to rural areas and homes without TVs.

As much as most of us are hearing of the program now, it has been a long journey with its producers seeking funds for the pilot season promising investors rampant growth and based on the statistics that they have provided, there is hope.
The action-drama radio series takes on the most devastating and pressing issues faced by girls in the region, like child marriage and HIV infection. With courage and the help of their superpowers, the Tibeb Girls fight against injustice and the harmful practices that Ethiopian girls face and learn about problem-solving and solution implementation, empathy, and teamwork along the way. Being the pioneer of such a program for adolescents is definitely working in their favor and we wish them the best in their venture.


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