Talk about a shift in the rap industry. French Montana is out here revolutionizing his music and he couldn’t have chosen a better place than the heart of Africa, Uganda. The Moroccan-American artist recently released the visuals of his single, ‘Unforgettable’, featuring Rae Sremmurd‘s Swae Lee.

The artist has been commended for ditching the mainstream tradition of having bodacious video vixens and promoting the most popular dance group in Uganda, the Ghetto Kids. For those who don’t know who those are (the living under rocks and caves people), don’t fret, I got you! Remember Eddy Kenzo’s 2014 hit, Sitya Loss? Yap that’s them!

The audio is quite captivating with a catchy chorus and there are so many drop beats that just unintentionally make you want to dab. Speaking of dabbing, have you seen the magic these kids did in the video? Wow! They Africanized it! Africans can seriously get down I tell you and this video is a testament to that. If there was anyone person who wasn’t proud to be Ugandan before this, they are now fully-fledged on that vibe I tell you.

The Ugandan kids are found joyously contorting their bodies to the melodies of the record.  It seems like everyone is having a splendid time, until—in a stale turn of events—Montana ends up being captured by a group of gunmen for reasons still unknown but we can speculate that it is the beginning of Montana’s next single “No Pressure,” featuring Future playing in the background.

The video has gotten quite the views on YouTube and many seem to be jumping on it so as to see if  Swae Lee has really realized his potential as a solo artist and also to see the kids break it down. It is safe to say that the rapper’s main agenda was to shoot a documentary telling the African stories that many have ignored but why not shoot a few visuals here and there for his recent singles? All in all, the song has a happy feel and we can stamp it as unforgettable!


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