Ever since Steph Kapela landed on the scene, he is proving to be ‘the man with the plan and the man of the people’ Whoever listens to his tracks can’t help but share, buy and download that amazing sound. In line with his latest track, his fans can agree that it feels like he is a veteran for sure! We also have to give props to his amazing producer, Atwal Adwok, who is one of the leading producers in Africa, his work simply speaks for itself! Anyway, here is an exclusive interview that the star was kind enough to give us and you will be surprised at how much you didn’t know about Steph!

    • So, who is Steph Kapela?

Steph Kapela is a creative, music artist, just a guy who is super blessed to be able to do what he loves for a living. I’m the “in the moment” type of guy, it works for me, even when it doesn’t!

    • Your voice sounds well polished so you got to tell us, when did you start music?

Thank you, I started singing at a very tender age. I was in all the junior choirs, during parade in primary and I used to sing a duet with a homie in highschool not forgetting that I was in the school choir as well as choirmaster of the CU choir. Singing is life.

    • Some people may argue that you sound too westernized. What’s your take on that?

To an extent they’re right, I was away for over 8 years in the states, and I got exposed to different cultures and stuff. But that only made my canvas as an artist bigger, everyone in this world is a sum of their experiences, I don’t run from that I embrace it. But I’ve always and will always be that kid from South C and Komarock, and a Ditcherian damu!

    • Do you have any musical influences?

The first guy to make me go like “this is what I want to do” was Nyashinski back siku za Klepto. He was the first guy I saw combine lyricism with dope melodies, even when he was just rapping there was an intentional cadence about it. I was really into Ne-yo, as a writer his conversational style was very influential to me.


    • I know everyone is curious about the accent. Care to share?

The accent, sasa niseme nini? It’s one of those things, like, I can get deep and really explain but there will never be enough time, the simple version is, as a kid I loved doing voices and imitations, I always knew how, I guess, so when I went majuu it became necessary, especially as an artist, you have to meet people talk to people etc, but after years and years of the same it stuck, I sound incredibly terrible when I try to change it back. So I’ve settled on the fact that my kizungu sounds, hivyo, but my Swahili is still on point, lol

    • Who are your biggest influences?

Nyash, Ne-yo, Drake, in that order, I listen to a lot of other artists and I’m sure I’m influenced by them as well but those three would probably be legit top 3!

    • What’s your songwriting process?

My songwriting process feels like hitting my head on the wall for several hours until the song is finished. Lol. But seriously, it varies, it just depends on the situation, sometimes it’s a dope beat I immediately catch a vibe the hook is done in minutes, then the verses follow. Or sometimes it’s a topic and I have to think it through, and not necessarily rely on inspiration. Either way, it’s what I love to do, with all its aches and pains I love it.

    • What has been your biggest challenge this far?

Biggest challenge, getting my body right, New Year resolution tings, I’m working on it though, ladies I gotchu, no worries, niko shift.

    • Which artists would you love to work with in the near future?

I feel like I’m mentioning Nyash too much but hizi maswali keep coming back to the ninja. So yes, I’d love to work with Nyashinski, umm.. Dela, Bien, Phy, Fena, internationally Nasty C, Wizkid, Casper, the list is literally endless.

    • What can your fans expect from you this year?

More music more music more music!!!! Expect more music videos too and I’ll be dropping an EP later in the year as well “Prodigal African” it has been said we have the liveliest performances in the game so expect more incredible shows as well.

    • Any parting shot?

Be yourself always, that’s when you truly are alive. Follow me everywhere @stephkapela



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